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What do you do when you realize the American dream isn’t your dream? You chase a dream to discover America.

At 28, we realized that somewhere along the way we got caught up in everyday life and slowly let our spirits dim. We’ve always been firm believers that life is too short to not take chances, and that you should always do things that make you happy. Unfortunately, it’s taken us a few years to actually follow our own advice. For us, that thing that brings us happiness is travel. Not just a week trip to escape the cold Minnesota winters, but a 6 month journey to explore what makes each of the 50 states unique.


Starting in our home state of Minnesota, we’re fearlessly taking on the unknown of the open road ahead of us. In sharing our passion for travel, we’re hoping we will inspire others to make travel a part of their lives.

This trip isn’t about touching the corner of every state to say we’ve been there, it’s about connecting with the incredible people, places, cultures and activities that make places special.  There’s a magnificent playground in America’s backyard just waiting to be discovered.

In planning this trip we noticed there was an element missing, which was giving back to communitites across the country. After racking our brains trying to think of the perfect non-profit to volunteer with, we decided instead to pick a new opportunity in each state.


We believe in sharing kindness and positivity with the world. In a time where bombings, shootings, and government shutdowns are top of mind, we want to change the focus to the expressions of gratitude, acceptance, and adventure that happen on a daily basis across America.

This trip is something that has been lingering on our bucket lists for far too long. We’re at points in our lives where we need it more than ever. In losing ourselves, we’re hoping to find ourselves. Actually, we know we will.

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Kristin & Katie